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Welcome to Class 1!

Class 1 is made up of Reception and Year 1 children. Currently we have 7 Reception children and 15 Y1 children. We are taught by Mrs James, Monday to Thursday and Mrs Wilson on Friday. Mrs Wilson is our teaching assistant on a Thursday morning and also teaches the class on a Thursday afternoon. Our apprentice teaching assistant is Miss Thornton who works Monday to Friday, except Thursday morning when she is at college. Mrs Walton works as a 1-1 teaching assistant Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Facer as a 1-1 teaching assistant on a Thursday and Friday.

Class 1 Classroom

Class 1 classroom photos

Parent Information

View or download the Curriculum Long Term Plans for Class 1. This academic year, 2021 -2022 we will be following Cycle B.


Half Termly Planning 2020-2021

Please find below the links to planning for each half term. These include what the children will be learning in each subject.

All About Me Autumn 1 2020
The Land of Make Believe Autumn 2 2020

Half Termly Planning 2021-2022

Please find below the links to planning for each half term. These include what the children will be learning in each subject.


Homework Information

Class 1 Newsletters

Find out what topics we will be covering each term and some forthcoming events by clicking on the class newsletter

20-20 – 2021

Events and Other Information

Archbishop of York Youth Trust KS1 Young Leaders Award

Last academic year (2019-2020) the children in Y1 completed four units entitled Kindness, Action, Perseverance and Teamwork set by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust. These are some of attributes or characteristics they needed to show to be a leader. They had different activities to complete and found out about famous leaders both in the world and in the Bible. Y1 children even completed things during lockdown. The award for KS2 and above has been running for a few years now but the KS1 award is new. We are one of the first schools to have achieved this which is brilliant news. Well done to Mrs Wilson and last years Y1 who all received certificates which we posted to their homes. To read about it from the ABOYYT website please click on the link below. The current Y1 children have already embarked on their Young Leaders journey.

Year 1 Children

Please find below documents for parents of children in Y1. The first details what children will be learning throughout the year in English. This includes spelling patterns, grammar and writing types. The second document shows what the children will be covering in Mathematics through the year using our White Rose scheme.

First 100 High Frequency Words

Y1 – to learn by sight and learn to spell

100 High Frequency Words

Phase 4 High Frequency Words

Phase 5 High Frequency Words

Reception – to learn by sight and begin to learn to spell

Phase 2 high frequency words

Phase 3 High Frequency Words

Learning Journals

Please find below some pages which you can print out to add to your child’s learning journal. They include books you have read with your children, days out/special occasions with your children, wonderful things you have noticed in their learning and things we as educators can do to help your child. Please hand them to any member of staff in Class 1 and we will add them to their files. They are always a lovely and useful addition to their journey.

How can we help

I am so proud


Special times

Meet the Teacher Evening

Below is some useful information about the school day including when and how different subjects are taught, homework, reading and PE. This was used in the ‘Meet the Teacher’ welcome meeting at the beginning of September.

Class 1 parents meeting 2020

parent powerpoint

Useful Websites

Below are links to websites you may find useful. They include websites which supplement reading scheme books used in class, phonics games and Maths games.

Photos – Class 1 2020-21

Science – The senses

Y1 did an investigation using their senses. A girl had left her bear on the train and it was handed into the lost property office. There were another two bears there. The girl gave the clues that the bear smelled of strawberries, it’s ribbon felt smooth and silky and when you shook it you could hear a bell. We investigated lots of smells, felt different materials and listened to different sounds before we made a decision about which one was the girl’s bear.

EYFS Documents

Statement of Intent EYFS
Long term plan EYFS 3 terms Cycle B
Long term plan EYFS 3 terms Cycle A
Early Years Policy 2021