Our Team 2021-22

Our Staff


Mr Andrew Park

Responsible for over-all Management and Development of the School. Finance, Staffing and Administration; Curriculum Development and Planning; Monitoring, Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting and Recording; Health and Safety; Behaviour and Discipline; Spiritual,Moral, Social and Cultural Welfare, Business and Community Links; Child Protection; Co-ordinator for Professional Development, Writing Co-ordinator, Display and Staff Induction.

Point of contact in school for SEND enquiries.

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Alison James – Deputy Headteacher. Reception and Year 1 (Class 1) Foundation Stage Leader and Co-ordinator for Key Stage 1, R.E, Worship and Phonics
  • Mrs Kaye Wilson – Reception and Year 1 (Class 1) Co-ordinator for P.S.H.C.E, History, School Council.
  • Miss Roisin House – Year 2 and 3 teacher (Class 2) Languages Co-ordinator, Geography Co-ordinator, school buddies (Miss House is currently on maternity leave and being covered by Mrs Jones)
  • Mr Andrew Musgrove – Year 4 and 5 (Class 3). Science Co-ordinator, Assistant P.E Co-ordinator
  • Mrs Lorna Marshall – Learning Support Teacher. Co-ordinator for P.E.
  • Miss Georgina Dismore – Year 6 (Class 4) Co-ordinator for Maths,  Computing, Art & Design, Design & Technology, Key Stage 2, and Key Stage 2/3 transition.


  • Miss Amy Lowes – Melrose Learning Trust MAT SENCO
  • Mr Andrew Park – first point of contact in school

Teaching Assistants

  • Miss Jeanette Hunter
  • Miss Anita Young
  • Miss Bryony Ford-Senior
  • Miss Kimberley Thornton (Apprentice TA)

Support Staff

  • Mrs Karen Seed – Administration Manager
  • Miss Bryony Ford-Senior – Administration Assistant
  • Miss Rebecca Whitton – Caretaker
  • Mrs Donna Rowland – Head Cook/Breakfast Club Supervisor
  • Mrs Rebecca Welsh – School Cook
  • Mrs Wendy Peers – Lunch Time Assistant
  • Mrs Patricia Hewitt – Lunch Time Assistant