Pupils have an important part to play in helping their school make decisions. In this section you will find information about some of the activities your child takes part in during school. This may be as a representative in the School Council or as an active member of a School Club.

If you require further information on any of the items shown in this section, please contact the school and we will do our best to help.

Young Carers

Everyday children in the UK face the struggle of providing care and support. Young carers are children and young people who help care in families where someone has an illness, a disability, a mental health issue or addiction problems. Young carers may engage in:

  • Practical tasks (cooking, housework and shopping).
  • Physical care (lifting or helping someone use the stairs).
  • Personal care (dressing, washing, helping with toilet needs).
  • Managing medication.
  • Looking after younger siblings.
  • Helping someone communicate.

We know that young carers may need a little extra support to enjoy and do well at school. At Esh C of E Primary School we are committed to ensuring that all pupils who are young carers are identified and supported effectively. We believe that all children have the right to learn, enjoy and achieve, regardless of what is happening at home.

We have achieved the Young Carers Charter Status. The Charter aims to ensure Young Carers are identified and supported at the earliest opportunity. For further information on the charter please visit