Sports Reports 2013 -2014

Welcome to our page about all the sports we took part in during the school year 2013-14.

Basketball Tournament 6/3/14

We went to a basketball tournament in Park View School. One shot into the basket was equivalent to two points. We arrived late so we had to go straight into our game. These are our results: Pittington was our first game. Unfortunately we lost 10- 6. Our next game was a success. We beat St Godrics 6-2 (we are really happy about that). Our third game was also a great turn out.

We played Gilesgate and won 6-0. Our final game was against Finchale. Sadly, we lost 4-0. In our group we came third. Overall we would have come seventh. Our team was a mixture of year fives and sixes.

This was our team: Ben, Jed, Daniel, Josh, Harry, Edward, Katie- Lee, Sian, Harvey and Charlie. Overall we did very well and are pleased with the results. Katie Lee and Sian were our reporters.

Football – Pearl League

The 6th of March 2014 was the exciting day that the school football team played our first 2 games of the Pearl League. We played at Durham Community Business College (DCBC). Our team consisted of Jed, Charlie, Dan, Ben Jake, Harry Oliver Edwards and Josh.

Our first game was a thrilling game against St Joseph’s. No goals were scored in the first half as we were just warming up. In the second half we unfortunately conceded a goal but then showed excellent perseverance to come back and score one goal each from Dan and Charlie to win 2 -1. In our second game we played against Silvertree which ended up in a 0-0 draw. We had many chances but couldn’t score. Overall a good result for the first two games of the Pearl League. Our reporters were Jed and Charlie.

13th March 2014

On our return to the Pearl League our first match was against Sherburn. The final score was 2-0. Daniel scored the first goal and Edward scored the second. Our second match was against Pittington. Charlie scored but Pittington got an equalizer about 2 minutes from time. In the last half a minute we hit the post and the bar, leaving the final score at 1-1. Our roving reporters this week were Jake and Edward.

A Return  To DCBC

On Thursday 20th March we set off once again to DCBC to take part in the Pearl League. We had a hard first game against St Godric’s. We held our defence, but were unable to score, giving us a score of 0-0. Our next game was agains Shincliffe, and we played well but unfortunately lost 2 – 0. This report was written by Harry and Ben.

The Pearl League 27th March 2014

Once again we went down to DCBC for the last 2 games of the league. Our first game was with Finchale. We played and got the first goal. Soon after they scored so it was a draw. Our last game of the league and it was against West Rainton and we got the first goal yet again. We won this match. We came fifth overall out of nine of the top teams in Durham City.


We went to the netball tournament in Maiden Castle. Four different teams were there. The first game we played against Esh Winning. It was a 5-1 win for us. The next game we played was against Pittington. The score was 3-1 to Pittington. The final game we played was against St Margaret’s. We won 3-1. At the end all the teams won 2 games and lost 1, but Esh Winning lost every match, so it had to be decided on goal difference. This meant that Pittington won and we came third. Our roving reporters for this event were Abigail and Daniel P

Infant Agility

On Thursday 20th March Year 1 and Year 2 went to Hermitage School to do some Infant Agility games. Firstly we threw foam rockets as far as we could. Next we got beanbags and aimed them at hoops the same colour. After that we threw balls up in the air, doing one clap in between, then 2 claps. Then we did similar activities bouncing and clapping. Other events we took part in showed our jumping, balancing and throwing skills. We even had our eyes closed for some of the games. We had loads of fun. Reported by Macie

Key stage 1 Basketball Festival – 27th March 2014

Yesterday Years 1 and 2 went to Maiden Castle to a basketball tournament. We practised passing the ball to each other. We had a bean bag relay race. We did lots of different ways of jumping over hurdles. The next game was bouncing the balls round cones. The balls were big and heavy. We hit skittles with the ball. We played 3 matches and scored 15 goals altogether. Our favourite part of the morning was when we played the real games.

Reported by Tom, Alex, Kristian, Matthew, Lauren, Tristan, Olivia and Amy.

Go Ride

A team of Year 5 and 6 children went to Meadowfield Leisure Centre on 2nd April 2014.

In the first heat there was a girl team and a boy team.The girls came first and the boys came second. In the second heat the girls game first and so did the boys. This made us the overall winners. Pittington came second and Shincliffe game third.

Reporters for this event were Katie, Sian and Harvey.