Childcare Provision

Primary Schools are now required to publish alongside their Performance information a list of their childcare provision making it easier for parents to know what is available.

Esh CE (Aided) Primary School offers a full range of childcare provision including:

  • Daily Breakfast Club from 7.40am in school until the start of school which costs £2 per pupil including breakfast, or £1 for pupils arriving from 8.10am onwards without breakfast.
  • Tea Club runs every evening in school from 3.10pm until 5.45pm at the cost of £3 for the first hour, and then £1 per half an hour for each pupil. Pupils receive a drink and a small snack.
  • There are also a range of after school clubs each half term. These are led by coaches or members of staff. There is a cost of £1 for some of these clubs.